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The life-saving power of AI

Endoscopic AI assistant

Utilizing advanced technology and a specially developed algorithm on MAIA HW to enhance the efficiency and outcomes for doctors. It can accurately re-identify findings and simplify administrative tasks by generating a comprehensive final report.

Enhances examination quality - Adenoma Detection Rate (ADR)

Real Time

Works instantly, enabling doctors to take immediate action


Compatible with any endoscopy device available on the market

Safe and Secure

Offers both offline and online operation with remote access

Making an Impact Across the Globe


Our hardware is built on cutting-edge technologies (the same architecture of autonomous modules in cars). However, we have also made it economically accessible, even for small surgeries.


Additionally, our solution boasts 10 times lower energy consumption compared to similarly powerful alternatives.

Enhanced Video Quality

Enhancing video quality in real-time using neural network video enhancement techniques

Lesion and Polyp Detection

Real-time detection of lesions and polyps

Findings Classification

Optical biopsy: accurate classification of findings

Size Measurement

Automated measurement of polyps and lesions for precise sizing

Comprehensive Medical Reports

Final reports that include detailed information such as size, type, and images of findings

Recording and Playback

Easy recording, smart editing, and playback capabilities

The power of self-learning

A Picture-Free Learning Approach: Introducing a novel way of learning that eliminates the need for pictures. MAIA showcases groundbreaking capabilities that were previously unattainable, enabling accelerated examinations and enhancing patient safety.

Features in development

  • Comparison of previous and current examinations to track changes in the patient over time
  • Re-identification of findings
  • Detection of reaching the cecum (appendix)
  • Online streaming to lecture halls
  • Audio recording to create voice-commented videos
  • Statistical reports: monthly numbers of findings, examination durations, and the quality of findings
  • Automated video-cutting features
  • Electronic pen for labeling findings
  • Measuring withdrawal time
  • Evaluation of the percentage of time with a good view
  • The use of consumables 
  • Detection of instruments and monitoring of forgotten items


Higher quality examinations

Speeding up the examinations by up to 20 %

More people with access to care

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